It’s easy to get distracted when we’re working. Go to draft a quick email and next thing you know you’re sidetracked by a link in your inbox. Switching back and forth between contexts slows us down. This app helps you stay focused by reducing distractions.


The Design Process

UX research

  • Market and academic research

    Performed literature reviews and product research on the subjects of work, productivity, focus and collaboration.

  • User research

    Conducted field interviews with knowledge workers and managers to identify successful productivity methodologies and barriers to productivity and focus.

  • Personas

    Our team distilled common pertinent characteristics from our field subjects into relevant personas to inform and focus our design process.

  • Ideation and design sketching

    Conducted an iterative process of design production and refinement.


screen shot of ideation on white board



  • Concept Video

  • Mocks/Prototype

    Produced wireframes and mock-up screens and flows to test interaction design and user experience.

    1. Notepad | Write daily tasks on notepad and check off as you go. Completed tasks disappear from view the following day.
      screenshot of digital notepad

    3. Corners | Scrolling over corners opens windows to directly access project resources such as people, documents, calendars, and contextual search.


    4. Focus | The UI provides direct access to project resources like contacts, calendar events, documents, and search engines without the need to open a separate app. It only shows the resources associated with the current project, preventing distractions.

    6. Semantic Network | As resources are accessed from within a project, the relationships between projects and resources create rich networks of meta-data that can provide business insights.

  • Documentation

    post_it_nodesClick on the image to see our documentation.



  • Expert Walk-through

    Performed expert walk-throughs to improve mid-stage designs.

  • Expert panel critique and presentation

    We presented our designs in front of an audience of researchers and a panel of expert critics at the Microsoft Research Design Expo 2009.